Financial Mistakes College Students Make

Going to College can be some of the best years of a young person’s life. The problem is that they are often away from their parents for the first time and out in the real world. While it is a fantastic time, some of that shine can be taken of their college years if they make one of the financial mistakes college students make. These financial mistakes college students make… Read More »

The Human Side Of Debt Stress

In all the information you find out on the web about debt, you will find the best ways to mange it and pay it off and all the rest, one thing that is generally disregarded is the human side of debt stress. Having debt obligations is amazingly upsetting, and can have an exceptionally negative impact on your life, if you allow it. It’s is awful, continually hanging over you, cutting… Read More »

Going Cashless Compared To Using Cash

Going cashless is something that is considered by most people currently under the age of 30, and not really considered by the people around and above 30. It basically means that you give up the idea of having cash on you and you use card to pay for everything. Don’t get me wrong, both concepts are viable in the modern world of today, however there are certain advantages and disadvantages… Read More »

How To Be Frugal

It is an interesting fact that people are connecting the term “frugality” with two extreme opinions – they think about it as either extremely good or extremely bad. Nowadays it seems that most people are thinking about it as a bad thing otherwise the whole world would not have come face to face with the biggest economic and financial crisis in history, which experts say was caused by the new… Read More »

Credit Card or Credit Card Alternatives

Have you ever wondered why there is so much marketing of credit cards by banks and organizations? Credit cards are one of the most used mean of paying for something, but are also the most expensive one, which make them a big money earner for the banks. This is why I would like to point you some credit card alternatives. Credit Card Alternatives: Debit Card A debit card for example… Read More »

Budgeting When Your Pay Check Varies

How are you able to decide what proportion of your income will go towards paying your bills and expenses when working out a budgeting when your pay check varies from one pay period to the next? This problem is something plenty of people struggle with. A few of the occupations that can have this problem are waiters and waitresses operating for remuneration and tips, truck drivers that are paid by… Read More »

Frugal Lifestyle Tips

To many people,  living a frugal lifestyle has a more negative meaning than a lifestyle of saving. There is of course only a small difference between saving money and living an extreme frugal lifestyle. It is this taking being frugal to far that the negative meaning of being frugal comes about. The problem is that this prevents many people from getting the advantages of a frugal lifestyle. If you have… Read More »

Money Management Tips

Nowadays managing your money has become more important than ever. Job security is a thing of the past, bankruptcy is on the rise and people are having their houses foreclosed. The time to get your finances in order is now. This article will give you 5 money management tips to help you manage your money better. While theses money management tips are only a start they will help you start… Read More »

5 Mortgage Tips to Pay Off Your Mortgae Faster

The biggest obstacle to being debt free for most people is their mortgage. This is maybe why the trend to reduce the mortgage has become more widespread as people feel the uncertainty of the economy in most countries. This article will give you some mortgage tips to help you reduce your mortgage faster. Mortgage Tips 1: Paying Extra This not only decreases your mortgage but will also save you interest.… Read More »