Get Mortgage Free Faster

There are many ways to become mortgage free faster. This article is going to give your some tips to become mortgage free faster. Fortnightly Versus Monthly Payments When you make mortgage payments fortnightly instead of monthly you can be mortgage free faster because you will save on interest and reduce the amount of time of the loan. The main reason for this is that there are only 12 months in… Read More »

Paydown Mortgage

There are many ways to paydown mortgage, but in reality each method is adjusting one of the three things that affect how much you will pay over the lifetime of your mortgage. The three things are… Montage Term Interest Rate Repayment Amount If you adjust one of these it will have an effect on at least one of the others. Montage Term If you shorten the term of the mortgage… Read More »

The Benefits Of Multiple Income Sources

The economic structure of today’s modern world is not at all pretty.Unemployment, inflation, recession, and various other factors tend to make us worry about our sources of income.That is why many people are looking for multiple income sources. Stability is something that has been lost slowly but surely, and most of us are currently unable to manage everything with just one source of income. Times have changed, and so must… Read More »

Cut up Credit Cards Securely

Identity thief is a very big problem in the world today. One of the ways this can happen is when someone goes though your trash. These days just cutting your old credit cards or any card for that matter is just not good enough to prevent someone using your credit information to steal your identity. This article will look at 6 ways to cut up credit cards securely. Even shredded… Read More »

Reviewing Insurance Coverage Tips

There are some things that we, as responsible adults, have to do on a yearly basis in order to make sure that we are in compliance with the laws and legislation of our country. However most people tend to fall victim of the “rinse repeat” thought cycle, ending up doing things superficially without even a second thought. Take for example, if you will, Insurance Renewal Forms. They arrive in the… Read More »

Identity Theft Prevention

Nowadays we cannot imagine living without the internet. Although there are many advantages of “globalization” through the internet, there are also some negatives also, the most dangerous one is the increased number of identity thefts. The criminals who are doing this do not differ a lot from thieves who are not using the internet to steal the identity of people and like their offline counterparts they do not care that… Read More »

Paying Mortgage faster

Mortgages are a real endeavor and they can weigh heavily on a person for a number of reasons. It is in the end a rather big loan that not only affects your credit rating, but also takes a rather nasty toll on a person’s financial plans. And just like any other loan, it comes with monthly interest rates that tend to pile up over time and you as the payer… Read More »

Avoid Online Scams

The internet is a rather scary and unsafe place. It is, however, the most lucrative place for online scams, scammers,  thieves and con artists. These people spend time and effort in order to develop their scams to such an extent that you will be squeezed of every single penny that you have in your savings account, and wind up in large amounts of debt without even seeing a single dollar… Read More »