Envelope Budgeting System – How It Works, Pros & Cons

Many people find that trying to manage their budget using their bank account can be difficult because they have to keep track of how much they have spent in each area of their budget. There is a method that you can use if you are having this problem called the envelope budgeting system that can help you if you have this problem. Envelope Budgeting System: How Does It Work How the envelope… Read More »

Suze Orman’s Debt Settlement Tips

This video is a must watch video by Suze Orman if you are thinking about debt settlement. There are many very important debt settlement tips you help you protect yourself if you go down the debt settlement road. Debt Settlement Tips She Goes Into: Why using a debt Settlement Company is the NOT the best way to settle debt because you can do everything that they do for free. She… Read More »

Take Early Retirement

As the years roll by and your get closer to retirement, you start to wonder should you take early retirement. Should you retire early, when you can collect from your retirement fund or do you keep working until you are forced to retire? This article will give you some things to think about so that you can decide if it is a good idea to take early retirement. Take Early… Read More »

Investment Risk and What You Need to Know

There are many investment options available if you have money to invest. You just have to be careful that you pick the correct one for you. This article will look at some of the things you need to think about before you invest your hard earned money. Investment Risk: Every investment has investment risk. Even having money in a normal bank account can be a risk. On 22 March 2012… Read More »

Bad Debt Loans : Pro and Cons

Bad debt loans are normally called debt consolation loans. The main reasons to take out bad debt loans are if you are having trouble keeping up with minimum payments on more than one debt. By taking out a bad debt loan you effectively roll all of your debts in to one loan. This makes it easier to manage your debts because you only have one loan to worry about and… Read More »

Home Affordability Calculators

Most websites that are about personal finance have home affordability calculators; many are based on the lending guidelines of a particular bank. This means that you should only use them as a guideline to how much you can lend. This article looks at Home Affordability Calculators and Home Affordability in general. The Basics of Home Affordability Calculators Home Affordability Calculators are really only able to give you an estimate of… Read More »

Managing Finances

Managing finances is not a job than many people look forward to but it is one of the most important jobs you have to do if you want a good financial future. If money is stressing you out all the time then managing finances is a must. This are will look at five things that will help you in managing your finances. Set Goals You need to set specific goals… Read More »