Retirement Financial Planning

Planning is essential for your future in every sense, especially in a financial one. You should not live day by day; it is even less acceptable if you have a family to care for. People must think about their retirement financial planning while they are still young and can make plans for whatever they think is needed to set solid foundations for their own and their relatives’ future in retirement.… Read More »

Bank Fees – How to Avoid Bank Fees

Many people don’t know how much money they spend on bank fees, especially if they don’t feel the need to check and know the exact movements (cash inflow and outflow) of their bank accounts. They even don’t realize that every check (no matter whether it is cashed in the bank or at an ATM machine) is costing them a small fee. This article aims to help you avoid bank fees… Read More »

Paying Interest – The Real “Price Of Money”

Most people know that the are paying interest on their loans, but what is interest and why do bank make you pay it.  If you ask what interest is,  non economist may simply answer that it is the price of money. If you rent a car or a flat, you pay for it every month. If you take a loan from a bank or credit company, you are actually renting… Read More »

Envelope Budgeting

Apart from actually planning your budget the biggest challenge you will face is actually following through with it. While you may have worked out how much you are going to spend in each category it can be hard to keep track of the amount you have left as you spend it. This is where Envelope Budgeting makes it easier. Steps to Envelope Budgeting Create a budget: Budgeting is where you… Read More »

Get Mortgage Free Faster

There are many ways to become mortgage free faster. This article is going to give your some tips to become mortgage free faster. Fortnightly Versus Monthly Payments When you make mortgage payments fortnightly instead of monthly you can be mortgage free faster because you will save on interest and reduce the amount of time of the loan. The main reason for this is that there are only 12 months in… Read More »

Paydown Mortgage

There are many ways to paydown mortgage, but in reality each method is adjusting one of the three things that affect how much you will pay over the lifetime of your mortgage. The three things are… Montage Term Interest Rate Repayment Amount If you adjust one of these it will have an effect on at least one of the others. Montage Term If you shorten the term of the mortgage… Read More »

The Benefits Of Multiple Income Sources

The economic structure of today’s modern world is not at all pretty.Unemployment, inflation, recession, and various other factors tend to make us worry about our sources of income.That is why many people are looking for multiple income sources. Stability is something that has been lost slowly but surely, and most of us are currently unable to manage everything with just one source of income. Times have changed, and so must… Read More »

Cut up Credit Cards Securely

Identity thief is a very big problem in the world today. One of the ways this can happen is when someone goes though your trash. These days just cutting your old credit cards or any card for that matter is just not good enough to prevent someone using your credit information to steal your identity. This article will look at 6 ways to cut up credit cards securely. Even shredded… Read More »