How The Financial Planning Process Works

financial planning process

The financial planning process is a six step process that involves a financial planning specialist or professional. It is a process that helps someone to plan and set realistic goals in accordance to his or her financial status. The financial planning process involves the following steps and operates as follows: Establishing a Relationship with a Financial Planning Specialist This is the first step in the financial planning process and it involves identifying oneself with a financial planning professional. It is a step where the professional and the client create a relationship and decide if they can work with each other.
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Get Out of Debt Fast With Debt Consolidation

get out of debt fast

If you’ve been burdened with a lot of debt, you need to get out of debt fast. Most people start worrying about their debt, and panic. However, you don’t need to panic, but stay calm and composed. A lot of people are burdened with personal debt, including credit card payments and loans. When you want to reduce your debt, and get out of this difficult situation fast, debt consolidation may be your answer. Debt consolidation can make repayment easier, and reduce your burden so you get out of debt fast. A Brief Overview of Debt Consolidation  Debt consolidation is the
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4 Ways of Paying Off Credit Card Debt

paying off credit card debt

Many people are facing extraordinary large credit card balances. Unfortunately, a quick-fix solution to get out of your debt is not available. This is despite what the infomercials might have you believe. For sure, there are some tried and true methods of paying off credit card debt. The following are some ways to paying off credit card debt, and any debt for that matter. Consider them and determine which once suits you the most. 1. The `Reverse Snowball` method. If you need to be more concerned with behavior modification than math as far as paying off credit card debt is
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5 Ways to Reduce Credit Card Debt

reduce credit card debt

Credit cards are taking-over solid cash. Many people now opt to use cards to pay their bills. This is totally different from what happened a few decades ago; when you had to carry a load of notes and coins so that you could pay for things. Credit cards have worked tremendously well towards achieving the dream of a cashless society. But though the credit cards reduce, drastically, the cases of theft and robbery that is synonymous with cash, they also provoke the users to misuse their money. Luckily, here are five simple steps to reduce credit card debts that you
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Paying Down Debt vs Increasing Savings

paying down debt

Paying down debt vs increasing savings is one of the age old questions of personal finance. There will always be a trade off between paying down debts such as your credit card debts, mortgage and any other debts you have compared to increasing your savings to help in the case of emergencies, saving for college for your children and your own retirement. So what is the best thing to do? Should you follow the logic that you should only retire once you are debt free? Or increase you savings so that the investment s that you make will hopefully give
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5 Benefits of Living Debt Free

living debt free

The dream of living debt free can seem unobtainable when you are struggling with car loans and credit card balances. In this situation many people resign themselves to living with debt. But what if you could make the dream of living debt free become a reality While personal, financial and career factors will all have an impact on a person believing that they can in fact become debt free; many people have been able to make a choice to start living debt free. So if you are tired of the stress of your debt on your personal and finance life,
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Pre Approval Mortgage : What You Need to Know

pre approval mortgage

There are two benefits to getting a pre approval mortgage. The first is that you will know actually how much you can loan, which means that you will be able to focus your attention on a home you can afford. Secondly, buyers that already have a pre approval mortgage in place have a advantage over people that have not had a mortgage approved yet. The reason for this is that most sellers will pay more attention to offers from someone with a preapproved mortgage because there is less chance that the sale will fall through or be delayed while the
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